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Upcoming Genie picnic in Naledi Farm

Aug 12, 2022 | Events, Picnics | 0 comments

So I was chatting to my friend

and one of the people who makes me feel like I am the only important living being on this planet earth Paballo, I truly honor and appreciate your presence and support in this season of my life. 

Upcoming Genie picnic in Naledi Farm.

We were laughing so hard because she managed to finish half loaf of Naledi Farm bread within an hour. She was half worried and half excited as we try to figure out ways she can resist over indulgence. In the end we like but who cares, the bread is that good and it just melt in your mouth, what we can do it trust that our souls will know when enough is enough besides I doubt one would be addicted to this particular bread because the ingredients as organic kore when we talk about the real makoy. 
I am happy to share with you that the very bread that kept us laughing for over an hour will be part of the goodies found on the 17 September 2022 when we have our genie picnic in Naledi farm. l.

If you feel aligned do reserve your spot because I set the intention on this full moon in Sagittarius asking  that the picnic be fully booked by latest 31 August 2022 or even better/sooner. This will give both my team and Naledi farm team ample time to fully prepare for this event. From my heart to God(dess) ear, it is so
I have attached the highlights of the previous picnic that was held in August 6th in Rustenburg.

Love and healing 

Neo the GenieCoach 

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