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Our Genie Coach Podcast  envisions a space where we as parents can unlearn and relearn. Hosted by Ms Neo Evodia Nare, a  western trained professional mental health practitioner who is called to an African way of healing and preserving the genie souls.

Episode 38: Genies and pleasure with Vangile

Aug 6, 2022 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode, we sit down with Vangile Makwakwa who we featured in episode 15. Vangile is the host’s Money Coach and the person who contributed immensely to the birth/vision of the GenieCoach and Sopha.

This episode goes live on the day that the genie picnic is taking place and reflects a new journey for the GenieCoach as she mentioned that she finally retired from nursing to pursue a full-time coaching business after 11 years of working in corporate.

Vangile describes herself as a traveller and has lived in over 10 different countries. She is an innovator, a foodie, does yoga and is the founder of Wealthy Money, a space for healing intergenerational trauma. She is also the host of two successful podcasts, The Money Magic Podcast and the Property Magicians Podcast. 

She runs an academy with various courses for healing financial trauma, has authored two books, recently released a journal and her blog is a generous space of free information about money healing and generational trauma. 

She also holds an MBA from the Simmons School of Management in Boston, MA, which was one of the catalysts for Wealthy Money to start.

Vangile describes how, when we are in survival mode, pleasure isn’t promoted, however, pleasure is intricate to our survival. “In our society, we conflate numbing out with pleasure.”

She also interestingly equates being held in the company of other women as a part of pleasure, even being cuddled by a friend, cuddling and hugging your children.

She adds that what babies love is probably what you as a full-grown human being requires.

This episode is filled with gems from start to end, we even discuss food- Vangile is vegan, and she has instituted a ‘pleasure practice’ for herself, so do listen in.

“I started tapping into my own expansion… and then money started showing up for me in the same way.”

Vangile’s extensive knowledge of the nervous system, childhood trauma, and guiding and validating genies comes through greatly in this episode. 


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