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Growing up I had so many moments where I felt invisible. I wanted the caretakers to see me but it felt and looked like the more attempt I did to get the attention the further that attempt drifted me away from them.

I was called moody, because I would feel so lonely and overwhelmed that I thought isolating myself will win me more attention instead I was met with ‘motlogeleng on yalo’ (leave her she is like that) when what I really needed was someone to meet me where I was in my lonely corner with my imaginary friends. Yeah you heard right I had lots of them and for a while I truly believed I was invincible, my best friend was Matilda (that girl who would move things around with her hands and eyes who lived with a cruel step mother and was adopted by her school teacher? Yeeeah that one. 

So I am happy to bring to you one of the projects closes to my heart called Sopha-slahlane. 

a month subscription for geniemazels/geniepazels and genies, where a  play circle centered around attachment, connection and root charkra preservation is done either towards goal setting or expansion and evolution. 

With this connection session we envision 

♾both parties feeling seen and heard by the other

♾truly getting to know each other 

♾developing a consistent bonding ritual to strengthen connection 

♾help with the art of communicating so that both are willing to talk and listen 

♾relationship intensional goal setting 

If you feel this is for you, we are open for registration and our first session starts on the 30 September 2022. Our sessions will be virtually at 5:30 for an hour and the fee is R300pm. 

See you there 😅😅🖤🕯❤️♾

Love and healing 

Neo the GenieCoach 

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