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Our Genie Coach Podcast  envisions a space where we as parents can unlearn and relearn. Hosted by Ms Neo Evodia Nare, a  western trained professional mental health practitioner who is called to an African way of healing and preserving the genie souls.

Episode 66: Blindness with Kaushiek

Feb 24, 2024 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode we sit down with Kaushiek. Kaushiek Pranoo’s journey seamlessly blurs the lines between inner and outer work. Through his initiative, Unlearning Ashram, he focuses on re-sensitizing humanity through mindful presence work, facilitation training, coaching, and transformative journeys for leadership and self-transformation through unlearning. A decade ago, he left a corporate career and promising future in the renewable energy sector to actively experiment and unlearn, engaging with indigenous communities, Tibetan monks, and yogic spaces in India. Empowering young social changemakers, exploring alternative economies, and rediscovering decolonized unlearning pedagogies have been integral aspects of his diverse pursuits. Kaushiek aims to build inner infrastructure, enabling individuals to slow down, become rooted, and mindfully embrace life’s wisdom, unleashing their fullest potential in the world and embrace life’s magic through its ups and downs gracefully. He shares with us that he does not have kids of his own however, he strongly believes that parenting is an experience of inclusivity of being able to see another life as an extension of your own. He furthermore shares that it is also about being mindful by recognising that these new identities are an invitation that life offers to us to expand our sense of limited identities in a sense that one does not think of themselves only but have kids that they also need to think of and also realise that one’s sense of self has expanded. Kaushiek also mentioned that he admires kids for their  ability to observe and thier sense of wonder, he says that children are a wonderful reminder to being present in the moment. Yummy Quotes from this episode: A child who is in a hurry is going through a childhood that is lost. In the beginning mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers and clouds are clouds but for a while mountains are not mountains, rivers are not rivers and clouds are not clouds, however in the end everything is back to its original state but with the world of difference. Thank you for listening to this episode and please share it wide and far, don’t forget to also share you thoughts with us in the comment section.

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