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Our Genie Coach Podcast  envisions a space where we as parents can unlearn and relearn. Hosted by Ms Neo Evodia Nare, a  western trained professional mental health practitioner who is called to an African way of healing and preserving the genie souls.

Episode 61: a call to step up as modern Azels (rents) with Coach Nunu

Dec 16, 2023 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode we are joined by Coach Nunu who refers to herself as Auntie Nu and one of the reasons behind the name is because coach Nunu is an actual real life Auntie who is also a family coach. She helps people heal their childhood trauma and family wounds so they can experience authenticity and joyful relationships. Coach Nunu works with genies from 10 years and older, aswell as adults who feel like their upbringing and family dynamics are affecting their adult life and might have negative impact on thier lives. Coach Nunu normally works with genies that are labelled as difficult by society however, she shares that these genies are not difficult or they don’t have any behavioral problems but rather most of them are genies that have issues with adapting and adjusting emotionally. Coach Nunu also shared that coaching sessions that she provides for the genies is also provided to the Azels (parents) or family units because it is important to ensure that azels also update their parenting skills as their genies are also being updated in their coaching sessions. Furthermore, Genieazels also need coaching because it can be difficult at times for them to genuinely connect with their genies while they don’t understand them. According to coach Nunu parenting is a blessing and a privilege because not everyone gets to be blessed with the experience of being an Azel (parent). She also shared that parenting is a big responsibility because one has this soul that is trusted to them to help shape the life of this soul and guide it through life. Furthermore, she shared that parenting is also fun because one gets to revisit their childhood memories because for azels to understand their genies they need to be in their world. Coach Nunu also pointed out that parenting is also about partnership because genies are good communicators and they always communicate their feelings on how they want to be treated and this calls for azels to be present at times so that they can be able to hear all that is said and unsaid by their genies. Coach Nunu shared that she believes that genies come into the world as complete beings and she compares them with gifts that are wrapped and inside a box and that each milestone of their lives is like unwrapping a gift to a new layer of them, as they are making their way to their original blueprint of who they were really called to be. She also shared that as they are developing their characters they go through all these milestones and stages and they should be given room to learn and find themselves. Coach Nunu is making a call to modern azels to step up and according to her this is because modern azels are aware and in tune with the mistakes that their parents have done in parenting the now modern azels and that they know that they have a responsibility to unlearn all those not so positive parenting skills that they saw from their azels. However, coach nunu shares that in their quest in trying not to repeat the same mistakes it now looks like modern azels are scared to parent their genies because they are always scared of inflicting trauma and scaring their genies emotionally. Modern azels are scared of being firm and setting boundaries because they are always scared of the damage they might cause in their genies. Azels need to always draw the line between stepping up and being extreme by always self regulating, what coach means by this is that azels should always ensure that when they reprimand their genes they do that when they are in the right state emotionally,azels should always calm down first before they can address issues with their genies because it most cases abuse comes up when emotions are high. Genies should be given enough room to express themselves and they should feel safe to do so and should also be made aware that it is not everything that they will say that people will agree with and that is also okay. We hope that you enjoy listening to this episode and please share it far and wide. Yummy Quotes from this episode: Be friendly with your genies until they are old and mature enough to understand boundaries then you can be their friend. Real and true love for yourself and your genies is a combination and relationship between stop and tough love.

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