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Our Genie Coach Podcast  envisions a space where we as parents can unlearn and relearn. Hosted by Ms Neo Evodia Nare, a  western trained professional mental health practitioner who is called to an African way of healing and preserving the genie souls.

Episode 54: It takes a villages series with Neo S

Sep 9, 2023 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

This episode is about honoring powerhouses that touched hearts of little innocent genies (children) who maybe some of them were unsure of themselves. At times people who see and acknowledge us rub us in the right way that we end up wanting to spread our wings. In this episode We connect to a powerhouse who happens to be my second mom as well Neo Mmokwa Setlhotlha. Neo is a wife, a mother and not just to the genies (children) she birthed but to so many of us and most importantly she is an educator. Neo says being a teacher is the best thing to happen to her and it is through her teaching that she and I connected and become mother and daughter. She has been teaching for 29 years and still counting. Neo is a 51 years old woman who is enjoying the season she finds herself in at the moment and says she at times looks at her younger self and apologize for being so hard on her but she is grateful for her healing and being where she is today. Neo believes that being a parent is being an adult whom a genie (child) can trust, feel free to communicate with and that can also be able to listen to the genie (child). She shared that most adults were never listened to when growing up and they tend to think that’s the way to go but however parents need to start listening more to their genies (children) as they are missing out on an opportunity to learn from their genies (children). Neo also shared that she believes that parenting is not only limited to childbearing but believes that anyone can be a parent. She says she knows that because she and Neo (the genie coach) have a wonderful bond and relate to each other as mother and daughter. Neo also alluded that she believes that parenting has no skill but one learns to parent as they go and as generations changes parenting also evolves. According to Neo a genie (child) is an imprisoned being but given a chance they will grown into big and beautiful beings. I also shared a bit about my school experience and how Neo made it a magical experience for me. Neo’s nurturing helped me become the person I am today.

Yummy Quotes from this episode: Parents need to learn to listen more to genies because we can learn slot from them. When you know better, you do better. The manner in which you walk will determine how you walk into all your life situations. Life is what you make it. Believe and trust in yourself. Learn and let go of things that happened to you and give yourself grace. I hope you will enjoy this episode and please share and comment in the comment section down below.

Love and healing.

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