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Episode 53: Moving our feels through yoga with Dale

Aug 26, 2023 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode we sit down with Dale De Klerk who is a certified yoga teacher and the founder of #Beingme yoga studio based in Johannesburg.

Dale started his yoga journey over 20 years ago and amongst his many achievements, he is trained as a vinyasa flow teacher, African memetic yoga teacher training, teen yoga training, trauma sensitive yoga training as well as kids yoga teacher training to name a few. He started his yoga journey over 20 years ago and he says that yoga led him to a much deeper self connection and gave him a sense of calmness and a new zest to life. Dale was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010 and found that, in particular, the yogic breath was indeed his best friend and healer.

He gives more insight on this during the conversation. Dale believes that everyone deserves a bit of space every now and then and within that space a bit of freedom but instead everyone is just so preoccupied with work and everyday life that they haven’t given themselves enough time to fully connect with self. He further said that the education system does not allow people to connect to self. 

Dale believes that people are being taught so much about alot of  things but nothing about self, yet all people’s relations reflects were people are and that is rarely pleasant. Dale says people are not equipped with the right tools to navigate through the not so good days and feelings. What tools do people have to use when they are having breakdowns? He has been volunteering in schools where he teaches kids yoga and says he believes that people learn better when they play. He says yoga creates calmness in people which helps them to navigate through life, so he his dream is to get yoga into more schools to help kids navigate through their emotions and also help them deal with life.

Something that Dale wishes he knew as a child is yoga especially as a teenager because that would have helped him to navigate through trauma, hurt and the hurt that he inflicted on people when he was hurt. He shared a  quote that said: ” when poison is thrown at us in order to get rid of it, we inflict it on others” and he believes that teachings of yoga such as the yoga philosophy would have helped him navigate through all the childhood trauma and to help him understand that it’s not his fault and just go through life with a lighter load. This episode is filled with gems for everyone and will hopefully assist you on your parenting journey.

Listen in and leave me a comment in the comments section below. 

Yummy quotes from this episode: Everyday is a new day open yourself up to new possibilities and let go of all the trauma and just be in the moment and enjoy. People who live the most fruitful and beautiful life practice peace of mind and gratitude.

Do you have the patience to wait till the mud settles and the water is clear, can you remain unmoving till the answers appear. We learn better when we play. People need to allow themselves to feel their emotions and acknowledge where they are in those moments. People need to start practicing gratitude and filling their cups first because you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of self.

To connect with Dale: Instagram: @daledeklerk Facebook: Dalen deklerk and beingme yoga studio Intimacy Practice email: Contact no.: +27 83 4497040

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