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Episode 45: Fun as a value with Pabi

Nov 12, 2022 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

Today we talk to author and a woman of many creative hats- Paballo Rampa, who returns as a guest on the show. She was previously featured as a guest on Episode 18

Pabi runs a healing practice in her gift as a Sangoma, she is a Senior Specialist in Content Marketing and although her focus as an author is children’s books, she has co-authored a celebrity memoir. 

She is a creative and has launched her own podcast, called ‘I Am Clapping For You’, which gives a positive light to African stories. 

As people, we need to have values and Pabi believes one of those values needs to be fun, and that life can be different depending on how we look at it and choosing to do things that make us happy.


Pabi has adult Lego sets and really enjoys doing Lego, which helps her focus on what she’s building and keeps her excited- she also decorates her home with her completed pieces.

Fun can keep us healthy, Pabi dances, does watercolour painting, is learning the piano, swims and does various activities to connect with other people and keep herself healthy. 

This is a light-hearted episode, speaking to a dynamic woman, that I hope inspires you to have fun and if you have a genie, even better- allow your genie to see you having fun and stress-free.


Yummy quote in this episode:

“Fun is always my priority.”


Connect with Pabi:


Instagram: @pabiramps 

Facebook: Paballo Rampa – Author 



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