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Our Genie Coach Podcast  envisions a space where we as parents can unlearn and relearn. Hosted by Ms Neo Evodia Nare, a  western trained professional mental health practitioner who is called to an African way of healing and preserving the genie souls.

Episode 44: The art of breathwork with Marj

Oct 29, 2022 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In today’s episode, we speak to Marj Murray, who works for Breathwork Africa, which she runs with her partner, Dr Ela Manga, who introduced her to conscious breathing. 

Marj states that she wasn’t aware that something ‘as automatic as breathing’, could be changed into conscious action.

She then started to understand the need children have for breathwork; which can help children with anxiety and help them get off medication etc. At present, Breathwork Africa has a lot of programmes for genies. 

Marj defines herself as a parent to many and believes that the role of a parent is to give children roots and to give them wings and tools to support their growth.

Breathwork Africa developed their own methodology called, ‘Threads of Pneumanity’ which is a combination of two words- Pneuma meaning Spirit and then Humanity, as they believe that the wisdom in what they offer actually comes from Africa.

One of the concepts is the concept of Sankofa, which Marj describes is a Ghanian word which means, ‘to look back, and pay homage to the ancestors. 

This is a wonderful episode and Marj generously educates about breathwork and some of the courses she runs- one of them is called ‘Breathing Buddies’, which is a training course they do for people who work with genies. 

Look out for Breathwork Africa’s latest breathwork book that supports genies, details are on their website.


Yummy quotes in this episode:

“… We need to remember that they (children) are just little human beings, they have the same emotions, the same pain as us- but they don’t have the brain to process it yet.”


“… The first breath was taken here (in Africa), and that is everybody’s birthright.


Connect with Marj:


Linkedin: Marj Murray

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