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Episode 42: Through the eyes of the genie with Zaza

Oct 1, 2022 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In today’s instalment of the Genie Coach Podcast, we speak to Zandile Mazwayi- Selepe, affectionately known as Zaza.

I wanted this interview with her because she taught me the importance of involving your genie in decisions that affect them, which teaches them that you have their best interest at heart.

Zaza is a mother to a teen who just started high school, a new wife, a first-born daughter of parents who are both firstborns, a big sister, a travel enthusiast and a friend who is very family orientated and loves hosting close friends and family.

She is trained in Media and works as a voiceover artist whose voice work has been both local and international, so you have probably heard her voice on TV or on the radio and on other mediums.   

Zaza became a mother just after celebrating her 21st birthday and had to adjust to parenting soon after her career had just begun. Her immediate feeling after giving birth was invincibility, a sense of responsibility towards her baby and the love grew thereafter.

These feelings were part of the lessons she calls gifts that she learnt after having her daughter.

She defines parenting as a “constant journey that requires flexibility and adaptation”. Part of this adaptation is involving her daughter in life decisions.

Involving children in small things such as cooking and larger things such as decisions like buying a new home, shows them you see them as the ‘little humans’ they are (of course using our parental discretion). It also introduces them to life sooner, which is for their benefit.


Yummy quotes in this episode:

“…With the little people, the closer you bring them to your real- lifing, the more they can live life even vicariously through you.”

“… Raising people is also about doing the uncomfortable things, having the uncomfortable conversations.”

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode and that it helps you to show your genies that you trust them. Please share it far and wide.


To connect with Zaza: 


Voice Over Bookings: Zandile Mazwayi

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