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Our Genie Coach Podcast  envisions a space where we as parents can unlearn and relearn. Hosted by Ms Neo Evodia Nare, a  western trained professional mental health practitioner who is called to an African way of healing and preserving the genie souls.

Episode 36: Genies and secrets with Casey

Jul 9, 2022 | Genie Coach Podcast | 0 comments

In this week’s episode, we welcome back a guest we previously had in Episode 5 Casey Blake. If you haven’t listened to it, do que it after you listen to this one. She comes back this time to talk about another crucial topic, genies and secrets…

Casey is a verified counsellor and a sexuality educator. She runs ‘Tools for having “the talks”‘ workshops for parents, teachers and caregivers on how to have age-appropriate conversations with their children/ children in their care.

We speak about a workshop I previously attended, where Casey taught us how to collaborate with our genies by asking them what they think when they ask us questions. A lot of the time genies ask questions to check the information that they have found. 

We go into sensitive topics regarding sexual assault and grooming and how it initially includes secret-keeping. Offenders groom genies to believe that if someone finds out they will be in danger, or that something bad will happen.

Casey explains the words ‘surprise’ and ‘secret’ and how we as parents can be mindful of our word choice when we talk to genies.

Casey also describes that we can model friendship for our genies (be their friends), but they cannot be our friends, as they are not there to carry us and help us grow. Children should not be our emotional support.

This is a sensitive, but vital topic for every parent.

I hope you have “the tools” to have some talks with your genies and please share this tool with other parents who may need it.


To connect with Casey:


Instagram: @toolsforhavingthetalks

Facebook: Tools for having the talks with Casey Blake

Facebook Group: Body-positive parents with Casey Blake


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