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Episode 52: Conscious fatherhood with John

In this episode we talk to John who is a coach, husband and a father of 2. John shared that his approach to parenting is acknowledging that his genies are spirits and their relationship is that of spirit and spirit as opposed to that of father and child. He shared...

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Episode 51: Playfullness with Floris

In this episode we are joined by Floris to explore the concept playfulness and how it is not just something reserved for the genies. Floris has learned to take his play ideas seriously and then see what happens. So his idea for this dream is: when everyone on the...

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Episode 49: Genie spot segment with Kemo

This is a genie-spot segment with Kemo Kitso Sello With this segment, I Neo, have a conversation with genies and just savour the journey through these beautiful minds. I ask questions and just enjoy the pure and essence yet in-depth realising of the existing divine...

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Episode 47: Remembering Neo

This is the last episode for Season 2 of the GenieCoach Podcast as we take a 4- week festive break. We will continue to break until 2 May 2023 when we resume season 3. It is also the date of the birthday of the podcast. I have reached a point where I need to take a...

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